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Kill The Innocent – Ayahuasca




In Luxembourg, bands like Fast Friday and Scarred shaped the path of the yet small but fast growing metal family and were followed by bands like ExInferis, Miles To Perdition, An Apple A Day and Falling Promises.

In order to represent Luxembourgs metal scene and throughout their passion for the music Kill The Innocent was born in early 2010. Soon they were involved in the scene and played numerous shows and supported other bands like As They Burn, Kill ‚Em Dead Cowboy, Martyr Defiled, Seven Year Kismet and many more with enthusiasm.

Today, Kill The Innocent has grown as a band and can now count themselves as one of the most exciting bands in Luxembourg. With equal emphasis on Heaviness and Melody, Kill The Innocent have forged a sound that is as crushing as it is catchy.

Always hungry, always filled with ambition, Kill The Innocent is ready to jolt you.
Are you ready??

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