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Crazy Town – Marco Scharfenort

Marco_RadarMusic_page[201]Desert Storm History! The Band was founded 1992 by Marco  (ex-Minotaur). In the same year their first demo “ The Dark Half “ was  promoted on  Cannibal Corpse / Sinister tour.After this the Band enter a studio to recorded “ Fade o Grey “ for  split cd with Torment & Minotaur 1993. Two years later is released  the cd “ Perspiration “ with  new line up, convinced the fans because of it is melodic powerful, but yet aggresive song material….an American Magazine wrote when out of the speakerscame a scrotum melting blast of rage inspired techno metal with killerproductions & strong musicanship. Nuclear Blast released the song “ Goblin “ on the Sampler“ After the Sepulture „In Hard Disk of the Dutch & Belgian Radio Charts  the cd  “ Perspiration „reached the 10 for place into the Top Ten. The song Stupefaction square 4 reached the Top 50 Charts in Portugal. 1996 Mario Brotdrager drums (ex-Kingdome Come) cames into the Band, in the same year Desert storm played on “ Wacken Open Air “ with Kreator / Gorefast / Grave Digger / Tankard  and more.The cd “ Walking Straight to the Moon “ was released 1997 . Desert Storm played some Concerts around Europe,The Band gets good feedback . End of 2000 the Band is broken.

Starring : 1992 – 2009! Martin Wöbke / Kai Neuse (Paragon) , Dirk Seifert ,  Arno , Alex Kaiser , Timm Arnold , Oliver Bandomer, Hilde ( Rohbau ) Alex Speakermann (Richthofen), Daniel Habenicht, Andreas Richwien (Minotaur), Oliver Delfs (Husk of Pride), Mathias Meßfeldt (Not Freagle), Mario Brotdrager (Kingdome Come) , Martin Melms (Richthofen), Hartmut Völksen R.I.P. (Torment), Marco D.St., Oscar Munoz (Stone Cold Black), Jörg Kassel (Mad Rooster), Karsten Nagel (Gang Loco), Krid (Warpath) !  Jaybee (La Cry) & Simon Schorneck (Embercrow) . Discography! 1992 Demo The Dark Half 1993 Fade to Grey /  Split CD (Remedy Rec.) 1995 Perspiration  (Remedy Rec.) 1997 Walking Straight to the Moon (Rock Rose Rec.) 2000  Colours of Psycho (People Sound Records U.K. )

2002    Zero Decibel (Bild Zeitung Hamburg)

2009    History (Radar – Music)

2011     Split CD Barritus / Desert Storm (Radar – Music)

2015    Best of Soulfly (Radar – Music) , 2016 Government (Radar – Music)

2017    Leben wie ein Psychotiker (Radar – Music) , 2018 Cuba Libre (Radar – Music)

2019    Con Carne (Radar – Music)

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