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KEEGAN – Underdogs are go erscheint am 13.10.2014

keegan_presseFormed by singer-songwriter Ian Maxwell back in 2000, KEEGAN have been on a mission to deliver perfect three-minute power pop songs to the world ever since. The Cologne-based band deals exclusively in catchy pop nuggets with razor-sharp, hook-laden choruses, played with a garage rock intensity.

Their two critically acclaimed album releases to date – Looking Out For No. 1 (Rookie 2008) and Keeping The Sparks (Sound Guerilla 2011), both produced by Christoph Schneider – have seen them blend influences from teenage heroes such as The Kinks, T-Rex and Cheap Trick into their very own distinctive take on the power pop sound. While they tick all the power pop boxes with their zesty compact song structures and insistent rush of melody, there is also some elusive magic ingredient at work that makes KEEGAN stand out from the crowd.

It might be the international make-up and outlook of KEEGAN that sets them apart. A German-based band with an Austrian drummer, Dutch bassist, Irish guitarist and British singer is certainly unusual, but the four guys prove that diverse backgrounds and influences can be channelled into a shared vision to create a potent and unique musical force. This has been demonstrated to full effect on live slots with bands such as The Rifles, Avett Brothers, Kilians and Go Back To The Zoo, and on their forthcoming third album, Underdogs Are Go, due for release in early 2014.

Underdogs Are Go is a lean, confident album that sees KEEGAN expanding their trademark sound while honing it to pop perfection. Each song hits home with effortless songcraft, while still sounding earthy, honest and full of heart.
This is KEEGAN in defiant mood.
This is KEEGAN still on a mission!


• Ian Maxwell
• Andreas Plappert
• Casper van Beugen
• Ian Winick

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